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Why Does Twitter Not Work On Mobile Data?

Are you a Twitter user who uses mobile data? If wifi isn’t available within your location, mobile data is better to use Twitter. 

However, Why Does Twitter Not Work On Mobile Data? If you’re facing the issue and looking for a guide on how to fix the Twitter not working on mobile data problem, keep reading. 

In this article, 

Why Does Twitter Not Work On Mobile Data?

There might be so many reasons why Twitter not working on mobile data. I’ve listed the reasons below and shared solutions to the problems. 

  1. Internet Speed Issue

Slow internet is one of the worst things that can happen to someone who is trying to use Twitter.

It can be incredibly frustrating and often leads to people giving up on the platform entirely. Here are five reasons why slow internet doesn’t allow you to use Twitter:

Slow internet can make it difficult to do anything on Twitter. This is because the platform relies on tweets being loaded in order to function properly.

If your internet is slow, it will take forever to load tweets, which makes it hard to use the platform effectively.

Solution: Check your internet speed and see the result. If you notice an unexpected speed, try to change your location to get a better speed.

2. Twitter is Blocked From Your Network

If your network provider blocked Twitter service, you’ll not be able to access Twitter. 

Although, this is not something that can happen suddenly, however, it is good to contact the service provider to know whether they’ve blocked Twitter or not. 

Your Phone May Be In Airplane Mode,

If the Airplane mode is turned on in your phone, you’ll not be able to access Twitter because your data connection will be turned off due to the airplane mode. 

See the mode and if you notice it is turned on, off the mode asap and try to load Twitter again. 

3 Twitter may be experiencing a Server Down Issue

One possibility is that the Twitter servers are down and you are not able to connect to them.

This isn’t your mobile data problem. You can check the server status for Twitter here. This website will tell you what’s the current server status for Twitter like whether it is down or activated. 

You can also subscribe to their mail list where you can get the latest update from their server team. 

Click here to subscribe

4. Monthly Data Limite Is Reached

If you already set a monthly data limit on your phone, and cross the limit, your phone will not allow you to use the data.

You can check the data limit setting by going to your network option. There you can search for “Data Limit” and set it as unlimited. 

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How do you use cellular data for Twitter?

If you’re already using WiFi, turn it off and turn on the cellular data on your phone. Make sure you’ve got an internet balance before trying to use Twitter using your cellular data. 

Twitter Not Working On Mobile Data Android

If you’re an android user and facing an issue while using Twitter on mobile data on your android phone, you fix the issue by checking the following things: 

Twitter Not Working On Mobile Data iPhone

Why Does Twitter Not Work On Mobile Data
Why Does Twitter Not Work On Mobile Data

If you’re using iPhone and facing Twitter not working on mobile data. You can check your data balance, check whether your data connection is on or off, and you also contact your SIM provider to know whether you’ve blocked the service or not. 

Pro Tips: If you still didn’t find a solution and facing the same issue, try to use a VPN to use Twitter on your mobile data.

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