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Why Pinterest Is Not Working In Mobile Data?

Why Pinterest Is Not Working In Mobile Data

If you’re from Bangladesh, Pakistan, or India, you might ask the same question, why Pinterest is not working in mobile data? 

Only Pinterest users know the importance of using the platform. Users can do business and also increase their brand value with the help of the website. 

In this post, 

I’m going to respond to the query and, will also provide a twinkling resolution for the issue. 

Why Pinterest Is Not Working In Mobile Data?

This is because some mobile operators do not allow their users to access Pinterest. Although I don’t why they block users from 

In addition to this reason, some possible reasons include the fact that Pinterest requires a lot of data usage, which can be expensive for mobile users. 

Pinterest may not be optimized for mobile devices. and some mobile operators may believe that Pinterest is not a valuable or useful service for their customers.

The Solutions – Pinterest is Not Working on Mobile Data

Why Pinterest Is Not Working In Mobile Data
Why Pinterest Is Not Working In Mobile Data

You can follow multiple methods to solve the issue of Pinterest not working on Mobile data. However, I have only shared some of the possible ways!

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How Do I Get Pinterest To Work With Mobile Data?

Using a VPN Service to Fix Pinterest Not Working on Mobile Data

Using a VPN service can help you to use Pinterest from another location, meaning when you connect a VPN server with your device, the location will be changed into a new location. 

If you’re carrying a problem linking to Pinterest on your mobile device, one possible answer is to use a VPN service. This can help bypass any regional restrictions that may be in place, and can also help improve your connection speed.

You can use go either with an application-based VPN service or an extension-based service. 

Since you need the service temporally, you can consider using a browser extension such as CyberGhost or Touch VPN

These are the numerous widespread VPN services that are open on multiple platforms. You can use them from your browser or computer or mobile. 

The promising word is that they are free to operate, you don’t have to spend any single buck to build an account. Although they have paid options that are only required once you think you need more features. 

Note: After adding the extension to your browser, activate it and visit to check whether the site is still blocking you or not. 

Watch the video below!

Changing The SIM Card:

If you’re using a SIM card that does not give you access to Pinterest, simply change that one into another one if possible. 

This will solve the issue permanently if the other SIM card allows you to access Pinterest.

Use WiFi

If WiFi is available in your area, try to use that service asap. However, you have to make sure that the WiFi service you’re going to select is allowed to visit the Pinterest website. 

In that case, simply ask the ISP to know the matter. They will help you by letting you know whether they have blocked Pinterest or not yet. 

Contact SIM Card Provider

Contacting the SIM card provider might be the last method of solving the issue of Pinterest not working on Mobile data. 

You can reach the service provider by calling the customer care number that you can find online. Or contact them Via Facebook if they have any FB page. 

After knowing the issue, If the provider thinks that unblocking Pinterest will make their users happier, they may unblock the site from their server. 

Does Pinterest work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, Pinterest works on Mobile data without WiFi. Regardless, you have to confirm that the mobile data you’re operating permits you to access Pinterest as most of the mobile network providers do not permit it. 

Why is Pinterest saying I am not connected to the Internet?

If you’re having trouble connecting to Pinterest, it could be that your Internet connection is down or that the servers are currently down. Here are some things you can try to get back online: 

  1. Check your Internet association: Conduct a speed test to see if your connection is performing. If it’s not, try restarting your modem or router.
  2. Check if Pinterest is down for everyone: Visit DownDetector and enter “Pinterest” in the search bar. If you see a lot of reports about Pinterest being down, it’s likely that our servers are down.
  3. Check if Pinterest is down for you: Try opening Pinterest in a private browsing window. If you can access the site now, it’s likely that there’s an issue with your devices!
  4. Clear your cache and cookies: Clearing your cache and cookies can help fix some browsing issues.

How Much Data Does Pinterest Use Per Hour

There is no definitive answer to this question as Pinterest usage can vary greatly from person to person. 

However, according to a recent study, the average person uses approximately 1.5GB of data per day, which equates to around 36GB of data per month.

Therefore, it is safe to say that an individual could use anywhere from 0.4GB to 3GB of data per hour on Pinterest, depending on their activity level.

Why Pinterest Is Not Working In Bangladesh?

There might be a few reseason behind the issues including Pinterest may be blocked by the Bangladeshi Government, Pinterest may be blocked by the Bangladeshi ISP, and there might be some internal issues with Pinterests’ server. 

Final message: I hope the article on Why Pinterest Is Not Working In Mobile Data helped you to know the reasons behind the issues. 

You can follow the shared method to solve the Pinterest not working in Mobile data issue!

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