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3 Ways of How To Remove Shorts From Youtube in 2022

How To Remove Shorts From Youtube

How To Remove Shorts From Youtube

Youtube, the name of the largest social video sharing platform that now offers a great feature named Youtube Shorts as you see in the Tiktok. 

Some people love to watch shorts on Youtube while some do not. So if you’re one of those people who do not want to have the feature, you may want to know how to remove shorts from Youtube. 

In this post, you’re going to learn the three methods to remove and delete shorts from your Youtube app. 

In addition to these ways, we’ll also share some extra tips on blocking the shorts so that they can not disturb you during watching videos. 

Can I Block Youtube Shorts?

There are mainly three ways that you can follow to remove youtube shorts. However, since there is no built-in feature that can be used to disable the shorts video setting, you might need to follow some alternatives. 

How to Remove Shorts From Youtube From Mobile? 

This is not the permanent solution to removing the Shorts feature on Youtube as you can only remove some specific shorts manually. 

However, If you are patient and spend a little bit of time hiding the first-loaded shorts in youtube, you can hide the entire Shorts feature from Youtube.

The issue is when you restart the app again and scroll down the page, you’ll notice the section again. It is recommended for those who want to hide the section at a certain time.

This technique is good for those who want to hide certain short videos. To remove a short video from your app, follow the below guide: 

Image 1 

However, Since this is a time-consuming process, you can follow this method if you notice an unwanted video. 

Using Browser to Avoid Noticing Short Videos.  

If you want a direct solution of removing the Shorts video section from your Youtube app, using a browser as an alternative can be a good solution. 

For this case, you can use your favorite browser, like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini, UC browser.

No matter which browser you have selected for the task, you can follow the same procedures. However, for this guide, we’re going to use Google Chrome.

What are YouTube Shorts?

One of the latest features that Youtube recently released on the platform is the Youtube Shorts. This feature is known as a unique and trendy feature these days. 

Every user can upload videos in less than 15 seconds and directly publish on the app with and without editing that video. 

There is a direct button located in the middle position of the Youtube app that you can click and instantly start making a short video at any time to capture all kinds of videos except sexual content.

You’ll have the option to add your custom music and also music from the Youtube liberty to use in the video before publishing. It’s one kind of copy feature of Tiktok. 

Short videos are now trendy content that is loved by most people. However, since not everyone is the same and each person has their own interest, some people still don’t prefer watching short videos from Youtube. 

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How Do I Remove Youtube Shorts From Youtube?

One of the best and most well-known ways to remove the Youtube shorts feature is downgrading the version of your Youtube app on your phone. 

The process of downloading the app from your phone might be time-consuming as you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall the app again. 

Note: One of my friends is using the latest version of android and I have noticed that there is no such way that can allow me to uninstall the updates of Youtube on my phone. 

So if you’re using the latest version of android on your system like 11 or 12, you may not be able to find the option to uninstall the Youtube Updates. 

How Do I Remove Shorts Beta From Youtube?

There are mainly two ways to remove Shorts Beta from Youtube. Either hide the section manually or uninstall the Youtube Update version and reinstall the downgraded version. 

How To Reset Youtube Shorts Recommendations

Resetting youtube shorts recommendation means you want to see the section with new content. You can simply close the Youtube app and open it again to see new content. 

How to remove shorts from YouTube history

Few steps are enough to remove Shorts from Youtube history. Open the app and click on the Library > History > click on the three-dots icon appearing on the top right-corner of the Short video > hit on the Delete text.

How To Enable Youtube Shorts

Since there is no such a feature that can be used to directly disable and enable the Youtube Shorts feature, you don’t need to turn off or off to enable the shorts section. 

How To Remove Shorts From Youtube Iphone

In the case of Youtube apps, there is no difference between iPhone and Android. If you know the process of removing the Shorts videos from Android on a youtube app, you can do the same thing on your iPhone. 

To remove Shorts

How Do I Change What I See On Youtube Shorts?

The Youtube Algorithm shows Shorts based on your previous activities on the app. If you regularly watch cartoons on Youtube, you’ll see cartoon related shorts videos on the section. 

To change the video categories, you have to change your regular Youtube activities. 

Final Touch:

We hope you enjoyed the content on how to remove shorts from youtube, so if you don’t know how to do that, read the entire process again from the page and solve the issue.

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