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How Has Pinterest Changed The Marketing Industry? Let’s Know

No doubt that the huge user base makes Pinterest an extremely attractive marketing platform for businesses. And it’s not just businesses. individuals and bloggers can also benefit from using Pinterest to market themselves and their work. So how has Pinterest changed the marketing industry?

How Has Pinterest Changed The Marketing Industry?

For one, it’s given rise to a new form of marketing known as “pinning” or “pinning products.” This involves creating visually appealing pins (images or videos) that promote a product or service.

These pins are then shared on Pinterest boards, which helps to increase brand awareness and drive traffic back to the website or blog where the pin originated.

When Pinterest first launched in 2010, it was a unique and innovative platform that allowed users to curate and share collections of images and ideas.

This quickly caught on as a popular way to discover new products and services, and businesses soon began to take notice. Since then, Pinterest has become an increasingly important tool for marketing professionals.

With over 300 million monthly active users, it provides a massive audience for businesses to reach. And with its visual nature, it’s well-suited for promoting products and services. There are a number of ways businesses can use Pinterest to market their wares.

For example, they can create boards featuring their products or services, pinning images and links that lead back to their website or online store.

They can also join relevant conversations taking place on the platform, interacting with other users and sharing their own content. In recent years, Pinterest has also introduced a number of features that make it even more useful for marketing purposes.

These include Promoted Pins – which allow businesses to pay to have their pins appear at the top of relevant search results, and Rich Pins, which provide extra information about products and services right on the pin itself.

There’s no doubt that Pinterest has changed the marketing landscape – and for the better! Businesses of all sizes can now use this powerful platform to reach new customers and promote their products or services in a highly effective way.

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Why is Pinterest Important for Marketing?

Businesses can use Pinterest to showcase their products, services, and brand in a visually appealing way. When used correctly, Pinterest can be a powerful marketing tool.

Here are some reasons why Pinterest is important for marketing:

1. Reach a new audience: According to Pew Research Center, as of July 2019, 41% of U.S adults use Pinterest. This represents a significant portion of the population that businesses could be missing out on if they’re not present on this platform.

2. Increased brand awareness: When businesses pin engaging content, it has the potential to be seen by millions of people.

And since users can follow boards and pins that interest them, your business has a good chance of being discovered by individuals who wouldn’t have come across it otherwise.

3 Improved SEO: Search Engine Optimization is important for any business that wants to be visible online. One way to improve your website’s SEO is by creating rich pins – these are pins that include additional information such as the title, description, and price (if applicable).

Rich pins are more likely to show up in search results than regular pins, so they’re worth taking the time to create. 4 Generate leads and sales: Unlike some other social media platforms, Pinterest is known for driving sales and conversions.

In fact, according to one study, 93% of Pinners say they use Pinterest when planning purchases and 87% have made a purchase because of something they saw on the site.

If you want your business to make money, then selling on Pinterest should definitely be part of your marketing strategy.

How Does Pinterest Help in Social Media Marketing?

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to share and discover new images and ideas. It is a visual bookmarking tool that helps people save and organize their ideas. Pinterest can be used for marketing purposes by businesses and individuals.

Companies can use Pinterest to promote their products or services, share company news and announcements, and drive traffic to their website.

Individuals can use Pinterest to find new recipes, DIY projects, fashion inspiration, and more. Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool because it allows businesses and individuals to reach a large audience of potential customers.

When used correctly, Pinterest can help increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and generate leads and sales.

Is Pinterest Still Good for Marketing?

Yes, Pinterest is still good for marketing. In fact, it’s one of the most effective visual social media platforms out there. Here’s why:

1. People love visuals. According to a study by CMO Council, people are 85% more likely to remember information when it’s presented in a visual format like an image or video (as opposed to text-only).

2. Pinterest is all about discovery. Unlike other social media platforms where users primarily interact with people they already know, on Pinterest, users are actively looking for new ideas and products.

That makes it the perfect place to reach out to potential customers who might not be familiar with your brand yet.

3. Pinterest is huge! The platform has over 250 million monthly active users – that’s a lot of potential customers you could be reaching with your marketing campaigns!

4. And last but not least, pins from businesses get plenty of engagement. In fact, pins from businesses see 50% more views than those from personal accounts do.

So if you’re looking for a visually-appealing way to reach out to new customers and promote your business, Pinterest is definitely worth considering!

How Has Pinterest Impacted Society?

As of 2018, it had 250 million monthly active users worldwide. In the United States, Pinterest is the third most popular social network after Facebook and Twitter. The impact of Pinterest on society is largely positive.

The platform has been credited with helping people to be more creative and productive. For example, women who use Pinterest are more likely to start their own businesses than those who don’t use the site.

Pinterest has also been praised for its ability to connect people with similar interests from all over the world.

The site’s “Explore” feature makes it easy to find new topics to explore, and the “Pins” feature allows users to save and share interesting content they find elsewhere on the web.

There are some negative aspects of Pinterest as well. Some have criticized the site for promoting a “perfect” lifestyle that is unattainable for most people.

Others argue that because it is so visually focused, it can cause users to compare themselves unfavorably to others and develop body image issues. Overall, though, Pinterest seems to have had a mostly positive impact on society.

How Has Pinterest Changed The Marketing Industry?

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Is Pinterest Still Relevant 2022

As we move into 2021, social media platforms are starting to become more and more integrated into our everyday lives. With that said, is Pinterest still relevant? The answer is yes!

Pinterest has over 320 million monthly active users and is continuing to grow. What’s more, the average time spent on the platform per day is up 60% year-over-year. So why is Pinterest so popular?

Well, first of all, it’s a visual platform, which makes it perfect for those who want to be inspired by images (which let’s be honest, is most of us).

Secondly, it’s a great way to discover new products and ideas – whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration or trying to find the best gifts for your friends and family.

Lastly, unlike some other social media platforms, Pinterest doesn’t have any negative connotations – it’s seen as a positive place where people go to seek out information and inspiration.

In short: yes, Pinterest is still relevant and it looks like it will continue to be one of the most popular social media platforms in the years to come.


Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has become one of the most popular social networking sites. According to recent statistics, it now has over 250 million active users. This huge user base makes it a powerful marketing tool for businesses.

There are many ways businesses can use Pinterest to market their products or services. For example, they can create boards featuring their products, or share pins that link back to their website. They can also use Pinterest ads to reach a wider audience.

Pinterest is particularly effective for visual businesses, such as those in the fashion and home decor industries. That’s because people are more likely to search for and pin images related to these topics than other types of content.

So if you’re still asking the same question that how Pinterest changed the marketing industry, you’re welcome to read this post again to know the things in a better way.

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