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How Do I Find My Pinterest Profile URL? Creating & Sharing

Are you using Pinterest and finding the link of your Pinterest account to share it with someone else? 

Then, you may ask how do I find my Pinterest profile URL, and it’s normal. Knowing how to find and share your Pinterest profile URL can be a great way to increase your profiles’ activities. 

In this post: 

  • Finding a Pinterest profile URL
  • Sharing the link with someone else
  • Making the link short and simple
  • And more!

To know everything you need about your Pinterest profile URL, you have to stay connected with me till the end of the article. 

How Do I Find My Pinterest Profile URL? 

Shortly: Open your browser, and log in to your Pinterest account using the right email address and password, then click on the profile image > copy the link from the address bar. 

If I tell the same things with a step-by-step guide and images, it would be better for you to understand the entire thing easily. 

Step #1: Since I’m showing the process of finding a Pinterest profile URL from a computer, I’m going to open my browser and then go to the Pinterest website. You do the same thing too!

how do i find my pinterest profile url
how do i find my pinterest profile url

Step #2: Hit your mouse cursor into the Login button and type the accurate credentials to log into your Pinterest account. 

Step #3: After successfully logging into your account, look at the profile photo at the top-right corner side of the page. 

how to copy pinterest profile link from app
how to copy pinterest profile link from app

Step #4: It will take you to the profile page and you can see the main profile URL in the browser address bar. 

how to share your pinterest profile
how to share your pinterest profile

However, don’t assume that the full address is your Pinterest profile URL, only copy the link without (_saved). 

How Do I Copy My Pinterest Url?

On the Pinterest website, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. In the drop-down menu that appears, click on “Edit Profile.” 

In the “Profile” section of the page that appears, click on the word “Edit” next to the “Website” field. 

A pop-up window will appear. In the “Website” field in the pop-up window, type or paste in the URL of your Pinterest profile. Then click the “Save” button.

Pinterest Profile URL

The Pinterest profile link is the URL that links to a user’s Pinterest profile page. Every user on Pinterest has a unique profile link that you can use to directly visit a Pinterest users’ page. 

If you want to share your Pinterest profile link to let other people see your shared photos and videos on the platform, knowing the right Pinterest profile link is required. 

In the above guide, I have shared a complete guide on How Do I Find My Pinterest Profile URL, however, if your Pinterest profile link is long and not easy to read, you can change the Pinterest profile link. 

How To Change Profile URL In Pinterest?

Shortly: Log into your Pinterest account, click on the profile photo > edit profile > Public profile > change the username to change the profile link as the username in Pinterest acts as a profile link.

Now see the same guide with a step-by-step introduction and images for a better understanding of the whole topic. 

Step #1: Log into your Pinterest account after visiting and then typing the login credentials in the login box. 

Step #2: Press your mouse cursor on your Pinterest profile photo from the homepage. 

how to copy pinterest profile link from app
how to copy pinterest profile link from app

Step #3: Once you’re on the profile page, scroll down a bit until you find an option named “Edit profile”. The button should be located beside the share button of your profile

pinterest profile board
pinterest profile board

Step #5: Hit on the button to access your Pinterest account setting changing page. Stay on the public profile tab and scroll down to find an option to change your username on Pinterest. 

Step #6: Under the website inputting field, you’ll be able to see the username changing box. There you’ll see your current username based on your Gmail name or profile name. 

What is my Pinterest url
What is my Pinterest url

Step #7: Type your custom username to make it easy to read and shorter so that anyone can find you with the short link. 

After completing the process, hit the save button to change the old username into a new name. 

How To Copy Pinterest Profile Link From App?

1. Go to the Pinterest mobile app.

2. Hit on the 3-dots in the top right corner of your profile page.

3. Tap on “Edit Profile.”

4. Copy the URL at the top of the “Edit Profile” page.

Tips to Creating a Short Pinterest URL

  1. Use keywords in your Pinterest profile URL to help users find you more easily.
  2. Use numbers or abbreviations in your Pinterest profile URL to make it shorter.
  3. Use a custom URL for your Pinterest profile to make it even shorter.

Why Is the Pinterest Profile Link Not Opening?

There could be a few causes why your Pinterest profile link is not opening. The most common reason is that the link is not formatted accurately. Other causes include that the link is broken or that the Pinterest website is down.

The Importance Of Pinterest Profile Link Building

  • Pinterest profile links can help to improve the visibility of your trademark and enhance your search engine orders.
  • It can help to force traffic to your site or profile.
  • Pinterest profile links can help to build relationships with other bloggers
  • It can help to create a more professional-looking online presence for your business.

My Recommendation: 

When you ask the question How Do I Find My Pinterest Profile URL, it means that you would like to share the link with your friends or someone else? 

It’s good to share the link. However, if the Pinterest profile URL is too much longer and not so easily understandable, it can be a hassle for your recipient to identify your profile next time. 

So change your default Pinterest profile link to make it more visible and easy to read for other people.

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