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How To Stop Pinterest From Refreshing? The Rapid Solution!

Is Pinterest taking automatic refresh? If so, knowing how to stop Pinterest from refreshing can be paramount.

If you’re a new user of Pinterest, this might be a common issue. So don’t think that it’s a massive issue for you now as you can solve the issue by following today’s guide!

In this article: 

  • The reasons behind Pinterest keep refreshing.
  • The possible solutions.
  • Some tips, and so on!

How To Stop Pinterest From Refreshing?

There is no clear-cut guide that you can follow to stop Pinterest from refreshing because there might be a lot of reasons behind the issue. 

The ideal thing is to find the reason first, then try to solve the issue by following some of the tips from the post here!

The quick solution is to change your browser and try accessing Pinterest from another browser to stop Pinterest from refreshing. 

In addition to this, you can clear your browser caches and check whether it works or not!

Why does Pinterest keep refreshing?

To find the exact reason behind the issue, you will need to explore some of the most common factors. Follow the below section to explore all of them!

  1. Internet issue: The user’s internet speed is insufficient or inconsistent, causing the page to refresh in an attempt to load the content.

The first and most common solution can be to check your internet connection and then try again! Without a proper internet speed, Pinterest will not be able to deliver content!

  1. User’s Command: The user has clicked the refresh button on their browser.

If you frequently click on the refresh button on your browser by staying on the Pinterest website, Pinterest will keep refreshing as per your click!

So make sure your mouse cursor is not on the refresh button and you’re doing nothing wrong on the site.

  1. Internal Issue: The Pinterest website is experiencing technical difficulties.

If the issue is caused by Pinterest itself, you’ll not be blamed here. What you can do is wait a while and try again. It can be an issue from the Pinterest server. 

The server might be down at that time or Pinterest might not be able to handle a huge number of traffic at that time. 

  1. Restart your browser and try again: Sometimes the browser can itself make the issue for some unexpected reasons. You have nothing to do there. Just restart the browser and see the result after a certain period of time. 
  1. Clear your cookies and cache: I have personally solved a lot of issues by only cleaning my browser caches. Clear the browser caches and try again to solve the Pinterest keep the refreshing issue. 

The five-number solution is highly recommended because your browser cache may be full and needs to be cleared in order to make room for new data. 

If you’re using chrome or brave browser, you can easily delete the caches by going to the history page > clear Browser Data.

Another reason why you should clear your browsing data to stop Pinterest from refreshing is The data in the cache may be outdated and needs to be refreshed from the server.

One or more of these issues could be causing Pinterest to keep the refreshing issue. Clearing the browser cache may resolve the issue.

  1. Try using a different browser: If the issue is not solved yet by following the already shared methods, you can simply change your browser and check Pinterest from another browser. 

For example, if you’re now using Chrome, try to use Brave brewer because it’s more secure and faster than Chrome and most people smoothly use Brave browsers with a lot of features. 

If you notice the same issue on the Brave browser, try to use Firefox or Opera browser. I hope one of the mentioned browsers will solve the issue!

  1. Contact Pinterest support: As the last method of solving the Pinterest keep refreshing issue, you can take some time and contact Pinterest or send a detailed post on one of the forums where people talk about Pinterest. 

The Reasons – Pinterest Keeps Refreshing

The most likely reason Pinterest is refreshing is that you have it set to refresh automatically. 

To check if this is the case, open the Pinterest app and go to Settings. Tap on Account Settings and then tap on the Refresh tab. 

If the tab is set to refresh automatically, tap on it and select Never Refresh. Hope it will solve the problem.

Final Message: Knowing how to stop Pinterest from Refreshing can be an important thing if you face the same issue frequently. 

Follow all the mentioned solutions and try to solve the issue to enjoy using the platform for personal or business purposes.

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