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Why Is Pinterest Not Opening On My MAC? 3 Quick Solution

You’re using MAC and using Pinterest on a daily basis, right? However, if you encounter an issue, you may ask why is Pinterest not opening on my MAC, right? 

Well, there are some quick fixes that you can follow from today’s guide and resolve the issue within a short time. 

I will share 3 working methods that most people follow when they face such issues on their MAC device. 

Why Is Pinterest Not Opening On My MAC?

You can consider many things when finding the reasons behind the unexpected issue. Primary, three reasons are noticeable:

  1. Your MAC DNS Server
  2. Server Down Issue From Pinterest
  3. Pinterest may block you

Each of the mentioned issues is not something that you can not solve instantly. If you’re facing the first issue, you’ll be required 1-2 minutes to fix it. 

On the other hand, if Pinterest’s server is down when you try to access the website, you’ll not have anything to do because you’re a normal user, not a Server engineer who is working on Pinterest. 

However, if you’re living in an area where Pinterest is unavailable, meaning Pinterest blocked that particular area, you can use a VPN service. 

Pinterest Not Working On MAC – 3 Solutions

Why Is Pinterest Not Opening On My MAC Device
Why Is Pinterest Not Opening On My MAC Device

As mentioned, there are three main reasons behind the problem including DNS issue, server issue, and blocking issue.

Follow the guide below, read the solutions, and fix the issue yourself.


The problem can happen if your MAC DNS server is not added yet to your devices. This is the first and most common reason why you’re not able to open on your MAC device. 

You can simply add the DNS value by going to your system preference and clicking on the add a new DNS button. 

Here’s the complete guide: 

  • Open your MAC and then system preference. 
  • Click on the Network preference tab.
  • Then, click on the advanced button and it will open various network settings on the next screen. 
  • Now, click on the DNS tab and add the following public DNS: 8888, and 8800. 
  • First, add 8888, and then in the next section, add 8800. Once you have done, hit on the save changes button. 

Now, come back to your browser, it can be Safari or Google Chrome browser. Any browser will work from now because you have already added the public DNS on your MAC. 

Server Down:

Pinterest is popular with users who are interested in fashion, DIY projects, and food. However, the website has been known to go down from time to time.

There are a number of reasons why Pinterest might experience server issues. The website could be overwhelmed with traffic if there is a popular event or holiday. Pinterest could also be down due to maintenance or updates.

Users who are trying to access Pinterest while the website is down may see a message that says the website is unavailable or that there is a problem with the server. 

If Pinterest is down for a prolonged period of time, users may start to see posts on social media about the website being down.

While it can be frustrating for both Windows and MAC users when Pinterest is down, the website usually comes back up relatively quickly.

In the meantime, no matter which device you are using, it can be windows or MAC, you can try accessing the website through a different browser or device.

Pinterest Is Not Available In Your Area

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to share images and videos. The platform is popular in many countries, but there are some that Pinterest has blocked.

There are a few reasons why Pinterest may block a country or state. One reason is due to government requests. For example, Pinterest has blocked access in China due to government requests.

Another reason is if there is a high amount of spam coming from a particular country or state. 

This is often due to bots or fake accounts that are created in order to spam other users.

Lastly, Pinterest may also block a country or state if there is a high amount of copyright infringement. 

This is often due to users sharing images or videos that they do not have the right to.

Pinterest is a popular social media platform, but there are some countries and states that it has blocked. 

The reasons for this include government requests, spam, and copyright infringement.

So if this happens with your area or country, make sure you have checked that thing online and if the problem is not solved yet, try to go with a VPN service to change your location and enjoy Pinterest. 

Final Message:

Why Is Pinterest Not Opening On My MAC is one of the most common queries asked by most MAC users while they face an issue with Pinterest?

By following today’s post, your problem will be solved as I have shown 3 methods for the problem. If one will not be able to solve it, try another one!

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