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Where Telegram Videos Are Saved In Samsung?

Samsung phones come with a lot of great features, and one of those is the ability to save Telegram videos. however, Where Telegram Videos Are Saved In Samsung?

When you receive a video through Telegram, it will automatically be saved in your Samsung phone’s “Telegram Videos” folder.

You can access this folder by going to your phone’s Gallery app and selecting the “Telegram Videos” album, or find the same folder by going to the file manager.

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Where Can I Find Telegram Video in Samsung?

The very common method to find the Telegram video in Samsung phone is by checking the Telegram app itself. If you have any video chats in progress, they will be listed in the “Chats” tab.

You can also access your video chat history by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the main screen and selecting “History.”

If you’re looking for videos that have been shared in Telegram groups or channels, the best bet is to use a dedicated search engine like AllTelegram. Just enter a keyword or phrase into the search bar and it will return results from all public Telegram groups and channels.

In addition to these, you can find the videos from your phone’s file manager. the folder name should be “Telegram Videos”.

Where Telegram Videos are Saved in Oneplus?

By default, all of your Telegram videos will be stored in a folder called “Telegram” in your device’s internal storage. However, you can change this location if you want to store your videos somewhere else.

To change the location of your Telegram video files: Open the Telegram app and go to Settings. Tap on ‘Storage & Data’. Under ‘Media auto-download’, tap on ‘Video settings’.

Here you can choose whether to download videos over WiFi or mobile data, and select the storage location for your videos.

If you select ‘Custom path’, you can choose any folder on your device to store your videos. Once you’ve made your changes, tap on ‘Done’ at the top right of the screen.

Where Telegram Videos are Saved in iPhone?

When you receive a video through the Telegram app on your iPhone, it is automatically saved to your device. You can find these videos in the Photos app.

If you go to the Albums tab, there will be a folder called “Telegram” that contains all of the videos that have been sent to you through the app.

Where Telegram Videos Are Saved In Samsung?


On a Samsung device, Telegram videos are saved in the “Telegram Video” folder in the storage. If you have trouble finding this folder, you can use a file manager to locate it. the best file manager in the Google Playstore is File Manager.

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